And The New Year Starts…


So the year has gotten a little head start on me.  It’s January 4 and this is my first blog of the year.  Good thing doing a blog every day of the year.  Or maybe it would be better if that were my resolution.  Might as well get the failing of that out of the way, right away.

Look, there are so many shiny things out there.  You know and I know that we’d like to do sooo many things.  Problem is that we only have so much time and energy.  The reality is that we need to look around and decide what is really worth our “intention.”

My suggestion is pick a thing, or two things, or even three things, that you want to do this year.  Do what you can, when you can and keep your intention in mind.  Relax, breath and realize that you are not perfect and you will not always be the picture of consistency, although having good rituals and being consistent are worthy attributes to strive for.  Just keep telling yourself to relax and focus..  You’ll get there!

2014 is going to rock, even if we only have 361 days, and 35 minutes left.  Happy New Year!


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