The Odds are Stacked Against Small Business

As a small business owner, you’re always on the go.  Every day, you’re faced with a hundred things to do.  Fortunately, you are a dynamo, and with the energy of a superhero, you blast through every project and the myriad of details surrounding them.  More often than not you’re hearing about problems than solutions, but that’s what you signed up for.  You are a problem-facing, solution oriented machine.  You work in your business and pick up the slack where you find it.  From a technical standpoint, you are the best and everybody knows it.  The only problem is, that while you are working “in” your business, you are very likely failing to work “on” it.  You probably haven’t yet learned that while the technical things that comprise your business need to attended to, as a business owner who is interested in maintaining and growing business, your focus needs to be on marketing and business development.  Nintey-five percent of businesses that don’t learn that in the first year are likely to fail.  Of the five percent remaining, only five percent of them are still around five years later.  One in 100 are not good odds, so if you don’t intend to take your marketing and business development seriously, you’re probably better off taking your money to the casino and gambling it away.  

When most small businesses look for solutions to the challenge of getting more clients and generating more revenue, they often are looking for a magic bullet to get it done.  Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet.  What’s needed is a true multi-faceted plan of action, followed consistently and improved on over time as results — or lack of results — present themselves. 
Let’s face it, there are many very inexpensive and even free ways to market your business today and most small business owners are very aware of this fact.  Most small business owners also know, if theyre honest with themselves, that they don’t really have as much of the time, energy and expertise necessary to execute these ideas. Therefore, they need to either reach out for help or risk being one of the majority that fail to thrive.