Screwing Up Your Social Media — Business Style

Screwing Up Your Social Media — Business Style

I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed with the fact that you have 1,000+ likes on Facebook.  In fact, if you are a small business and have had to constantly push, push, push to get people to like you, you might be missing the point.  More so if you are constantly incentivizing (bribing) to achieve “likes.”

Another sign you’re doing it wrong is when your “likers” aren’t chiming in regularly, and even worse, when there is no one on the other end to interact.

Don’t treat your social media like it’s simply a matter of checking a box.  


Our Logo Isn’t Static — Neither is Your Business.

Our Logo Isn't Static -- Neither is Your Business.

We are NetworkStrong

About the NetworkStrong Business Alliance

NetworkStrong was developed to grow a highly-connected community that effectively uses the tools of technology to help small community-based businesses increase their profits and form meaningful relationships.  We are a business to business referral and marketing engine unlike any other.  Our strengths include exclusive membership rights in over 100 categories and our commitment is to have a majority of these occupied perpetually.  The common thread of these categories is that all are commonly used by Americans in every day life.

NetworkStrong takes your busy life into consideration, especially as a small business owner.  That’s why we maximize social media tools, including Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  We also use the Web publishing tool WordPress to set up each individual business with a highly professional presence, encouraging continuing inter-business communication on your schedule.  We believe that an minimum investment of 20 minutes a day will have a profound impact on your business over the course of a year.

In addition to using the best practices of social media and Web publishing, we have informal monthly meet-ups.  Some of these will be seminar style, while others will simply be social in nature.  These are held at local venues, often at the place of business of our members.  Unlike other networking groups, we understand if you can’t make it to any given get-together. We want you there, but we are not into enforcing a lot of rules about participation.  You decide your availability and time commitment.  We only ask that you determine what level of participation is right for you and that you make your best effort to be part of the community.

Let’s face it, we are incredibly fortunate to so many have tools to connect.  Most of these were inconceivable to most of us just a couple decades ago.  With these tools, however, come some unfortunate byproducts.  It’s clear that mass distraction is the cost of instant accessibility.  Focus and correct strategy in social media and real world networking are becoming art forms; rare and well-appreciated.  Your local area facilitator will point you in the right direction to help you practice these arts and make more money.

Don’t just network — NetworkStrong.  

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